Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI

Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI

Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI

Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI

Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI

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  • Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI
  • Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI
  • Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI
  • Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI
  • Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI

Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI

記述 Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AI

Artificial intelligence: The robot detects and recognises objects thanks to its double camera, and acts according to the situation, adapting the cleaning cycle. It also displays on the APP the type of object detected. Maximum precision: Thanks to the innovative artificial intelligence, it maximises the cleaning accuracy and efficiency by creating more precise cleaning routes and approaching objects in order to remove all the dirt. It reaches the most difficult spots. Robot vacuum cleaner with professional 4-in-1 laser mapping: Sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs simultaneously thanks to its Wet & dry tank for solids and liquids. Cleans your home’s surface efficiently, in an organized and smart way. Includes Wi-Fi and App. Cyclonic technology: Cutting-edge vacuuming advances applied to increase suction power and lengthen service life. 10.000 Pa: The most powerful suction power ever experienced. Manage up to 50 cleaning plans thanks to its RoomPlan 3.0 innovative system by selecting specific rooms you want to clean at the desired moment. Thanks to its innovative OnlyOne System technology, the robot vacuums, scrubs and sweeps simultaneously. APP Control: Smartphone App for you to control the robot by selecting cleaning modes, scheduling cleaning tasks, selecting suction and scrubbing power levels or checking cleaning record. Cepillo Jalisco (brush): Brush that removes the finest dirt. Thanks to this new brush, you will be able to vacuum the smallest dirt and dust particles. Virtual Map: Saves the map and displays it on the App. Thanks to its VirtualVoice technology, you will be able to connect your robot to voice virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. You will be able to use different voice commands to start cleaning, stop cleaning, send the robot back to the charging base or even locate it through beep sounds. BestFriend Care system with 2 interchangeable brushes that avoid tangles. Special rubber brush to remove animal hair from difficult places such as carpets and mats and another brush made of 2 materials for all surfaces and types of dirt. Smart iTech Laser 360 navigation. The robot scans and maps your house through a 360-degree recognition. Plans the quickest, most efficient, organized and smart cleaning of each of the rooms in your house. This innovative technology turns your Conga into an extremely smart robot. Interactive MultiMap 3.0 system to save up to 5 different maps to the robot’s memory.

Cecotec 掃除機ロボット Conga 7090 AIをお探しですか? techinnでは一流ブランドのあらゆるタイプのロボット掃除機商品を展開しています。例えばCecotec、業界でも一番のブランドであり、最高品質をお約束しています。納得の用具は電子機器とコンピューター専門の当サイトで、今すぐご注文ください。

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